The Four Seasons of Publicity-Building an All-Year Publicity Machine

The Four Seasons of Publicity – Building an All-Year Publicity Machine

best The Four Seasons of Publicity You possibly believe one task at a time if you’re like a lot of promotion hunters.


You’ve obtained a brand-new item appearing in April, so you send a launch in March. You’ve worked with a brand-new exec, you’ll produce a launch when she’s on board, and so on.


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Just How to Save Money on Summer Clothes

For determined promotion experts, however, there’s a rhythm to producing insurance coverage, based upon the all-natural ups and downs of the periods.


Such a method can aid you rack up promotion throughout the year, and also will certainly aid maintain your eye on the round from January via December.

Basically, a perennial strategy includes 2 methods:-

Timing your existing tales (brand-new item intros, strange promos, organization web page functions, and so on) to fit the demands of the media throughout certain times of the year.


Crafting brand-new tales to make the most of occasions, vacations as well as seasonal tasks.
Prior to we go through the 4 periods of attention, a couple of words concerning preparation.


In this age of immediacy (just a few secs divide a Matt Drudge or a CNN from creating a tale and also placing it prior to millions),

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it’s very easy to fail to remember that, for numerous print magazines and also television programs, it can be weeks– as well as in some cases months– prior to a finished tale sees the light of day.

The expression lead time merely refers to the quantity of time required for a reporter to finish a tale for a certain problem of a publication or episode of a Television information program.


That’s a lead time of 3 months, time required for the editor to alter the item and also examine, the concern to be typeset as well as published as well as suppliers to position the concerns on newsstands prior to December.

The lengthiest leads are the domain name of “ladies’s publications” like Good Housekeeping and also Better Homes & Gardens.


These magazines frequently have a preparation of approximately 6 months, which implies they require details for their Christmas concerns as early as May!

Right here’s a pointer to assist you find the preparation of a certain magazine you’re targeting: call the advertising and marketing division of the magazine as well as demand a media package.


Considering that marketers require to understand when their advertisements need to be sent, each problem’s preparation is plainly specified in the media set.


Element the preparation right into your preparation as you look into the adhering to areas. You require to be on the sphere well prior to Memorial Day if you have a wonderful tale concept for Rolling Stone’s summer season problems.

The Four Seasons of Publicity:-

Quarter: January – March

It’s an excellent time to pitch fad tales, industry forecasts, sneak peeks of points to anticipate in the year in advance, and so on.


This is a great time to have something intriguing, or also questionable, to state concerning your sector.

The media additionally likes this season to run “obtain your individual residence in order” kind of items. Tax obligation preparation, house arranging, weight reduction, and so on.


Anything that’s tailored towards aiding individuals maintain their New Year’s resolutions can function below.

Trick Dates and also Events: Can you create a tale angle to connect your organization right into an occasion that usually creates great deals of insurance coverage?


Place on your believing cap– I wager you can! Right here are some crucial occasions throughout the First Quarter: Super Bowl, NCAA Tournament, Easter, The Academy Awards.

2nd Quarter: April – June

What the Media’s Covering: An “anything goes” time of year. With no massive occasions or significant vacations,


April is an excellent time to attempt some of your basic tales (service attributes, brand-new item things, and so on)


Light, enjoyable tales function below, as a feeling of “springtime high temperature” takes hold of newsrooms (reporters are human, you recognize.


Trick Dates and also Events: Baseball opening up day, tax obligation day (April 15), springtime horticulture period, Memorial Day, end of institution, summer season holiday.


3rd Quarter: July – September


What the Media’s Covering: The pet dog days of summer season are when wise attention hunters truly make hay.


Entertainment-themed items do well in the summertime, anything with stars functions, lighter company tales, brand-new items,


fad items, modern technology information, back to college education-themed short articles, you call it.

Trick Dates as well as Events: July 4th, summertime flicks, summertime traveling, back to institution.

4th Quarter: October – December

What the Media’s Covering: The busiest time of the media schedule, the Fourth Quarter is when the service media transforms


severe as well as the way of life media assumes Holidays, Holidays, Holidays. It’s a difficult time to place out a brand-new item launch. For the non-business media, believe Christmas.


Pin down preparations for the magazines you’re targeting, phone call to figure out that’s dealing with the vacation present testimonial


write-up and also obtain your item in the appropriate individual’s hands in lots of time– in addition to a pitch letter or launch that makes a solid situation regarding just how what an unique, important or uncommon present your item makes.


After Christmas, you have a short home window for “Best of the Year”, “Worst of the Year” as well as “Year in Review” items. Be innovative– the media likes these points.


Secret Dates as well as Events: Labor Day, World Series, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve.

# # #

The expression lead time just refers to the quantity of time required for a reporter to finish a tale for a certain concern of a publication or episode of a Television information program.


That’s a lead time of 3 months, time required for the editor to alter the item as well as evaluate,


the problem to be typeset as well as published as well as representatives to position the problems on newsstands prior to December.


With no significant occasions or significant vacations, April is an excellent time to attempt some of your basic tales (service attributes, brand-new item things, and so on)


Light, enjoyable tales function right here, as a feeling of “springtime high temperature” takes hold of newsrooms (reporters are human, you recognize.


What the Media’s Covering: The busiest time of the media schedule, the Fourth Quarter is when the organization media transforms major as well as the way of life media assumes Holidays, Holidays, Holidays.


Toenail down lead times for the magazines you’re targeting, call to locate out that’s taking care of the vacation present testimonial write-up as well as obtain your item in the ideal individual’s hands in lots of time-


– along with a pitch letter or launch that makes a solid instance regarding just how what an unique, crucial or uncommon present your item makes.

The Advertising That Sells

The Advertising That Sells
The Advertising That Sells

What is your reaction to advertising? Well, do not tell me that it annoys or irritates you. I know that. The same goes for me.


I’d like to know how you act after reading some advertising piece. For example, sometimes it makes me just rush to the nearest store and buy the advertised item.


Sometimes the name of the product may linger in my mind for a long time despite my resistance and desire to stop thinking about it. Awful.


There are also cases when on the contrary I cannot remember the name of the advertised product. Weird. Occasionally I do like advertising, when it conveys something useful and helpful to me. As you see it has different or even quite opposite effects.


Why? Because the effect of the advertising depends on the type of the advertising text. There are four of them. Persuading texts emphasize the advantages of the product.


Urging texts aim at making the customer memorize the name of the product so they repeat it for many times. Informational texts provide us with the information about the product, they are clear and short. Reminding texts are very brief.


Though the four types have their own peculiarities, all of them comprise five essential components: title, subtitle, the main text, caption and comments and slogan.


The title should capture the attention of the audience. It is the pivot of advertising and the most powerful appeal to the potential buyer.


If the title fails to attract the readers’ attention, they won’t read on your message and won’t become your clients.


The subtitle connects the body of the advertising with the headline. It is another opportunity to make the reader buy from you. So, do not miss it.

Usually the headlines sound like promises or bargains. In the body you should explain how you are going to fulfill them. Body is the essence of the advertising message.


Emotional words and phrases are especially effective in creating the image of the product. They appeal to people and convince them to buy. Make explanations to your audience in simple sentences using clear words.


There is no necessity to stuff your text with specific terms no one except you knows. If people do not understand something about your product, they won’t buy it.


You should strive at providing more information with fewer words. All the additional information about the sales is presented in the caption. Comments usually describe some particular feature of the product or dwell on the included pictures, photos.


You can find a great variety of literature sources devoted to successful advertising, so I will not attempt to reveal advertising secrets in a small article. It is impossible. Personally I will always associate good advertising with making people buy without urging: “Buy me”.

Discover Pay Per Clicks as an Advertising Model


Pay per clicks are part of a internet advertising model that is used on advertising networks, content websites and search engines.


It is where an advertiser is only required to pay for their advertising effort when a user actually clicks on their advertisement and travels to their website.


When it comes to search engines, advertisers can bid on keywords that match their keyword list. Then when someone performs a search engine query that matches the keyword, the advertisement will display.


If the searcher clicks on the displayed advertisement, which is often referred to as a sponsored ad or a sponsored link, then the advertiser pays a specific bid amount for the “pay per clicks” results.


The bid is always placed ahead of time based on the popularity of and competition of the keyword.

These advertisements for pay per clicks can also appear on a content page in any place that a webmaster or a blogger chooses.


This form of advertising is especially popular on websites that are heavy in terms of content. The theory being the advertisements can be placed on each individual content page and the webmaster or blogger that maintains the website can earn a share of the income generated by the advertisements.


Content websites can generally charge a fixed price for a click instead of using the bidding mechanism that programs designed for pay per clicks offer, like Yahoo Search Marketing and Google AdWords for example.

The third largest network for pay per click advertising is the Microsoft AdCenter, at least as of around 2007.


Minimum prices for pay per clicks, known as cost per click or CPC, can vary significantly depending on the search engine that you use as well as the level of competition that exists for the specific phrase or keyword. Some CPCs are only US $0.01, while others can easily cost as much as $14.00 or $15.00 USD.


Keyword Based Pay Per Clicks


Keyword based pay per click advertising is based on bidding on search terms, which are keywords consisting of a single word or a phrase, and even a product model number or the name of a company.


When a user searches for that particular keyword, the list of advertiser links will appear in the search engine results based on how much was bid by each advertiser for the given keyword in question.


For this reason, a keyword like “blog” is going to come with higher bid rates and much more competition. Whereas a keyword like “learn how to write a blog post”


(known as a longtail keyword/keyword phrase), will have fewer competitors and a lower bid price. Ultimately it is up to the discretion of the advertiser which keywords they choose for their pay per click campaigns.


Keywords are the very heart and sole of the concept of PPC or Pay Per Click advertising, and many advertisers regard them as trade secrets which are highly valued by those who use them.


In addition to Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, there are numerous other PPC search engines that are notable, including, Baidu, LookSmart, MIVA and Yandex.


Secrets to Getting Free Publicity for Your Business


Advertising is telling the world how great you are, while publicity is having others tell the world how great you are.


Companies and organizations that understand the importance of publicity are generally more successful than those who use advertising alone to reach their target audiences.


Newspapers, magazines and radio and television news programs are filled with stories about businesses and organizations.


Those who know how to present materials professionally to the right people will get media coverage for free, while those who don’t understand how publicity works have to rely on large advertising budgets to reach their audiences, usually with less impressive results.


“If you can get a news organization to report about your event or praise something you’re doing, you have gained an enormous amount of credibility


that simply couldn’t be generated through paid advertising,” said David Forman, a public relations veteran and author of “Publicity Professor,” a workbook that teaches business owners how to get free news coverage.


The first step in reaching out to media professionals is to create an appealing press release. Its main purpose is to get an editor or producer interested in what you have to say or in what you are doing.


It should contain enough information, specifics and quotes that a writer can craft a story from it without ever having to call you.


A media alert is another tool for getting press coverage. Its purpose is to give news assignment desks the specifics about an event in a way that entices editors or television news directors to send a reporter or camera crew.


There are dozens of other ways to get news coverage, such as placing feature stories or writing pitch letters offering your expertise in a subject for quotes or on-air interviews.


Forman says you don’t have to hire outside help to get publicity.


“Nobody knows your business like you do,” Forman said. “You simply have to reach the appropriate person with your message, in a format that media professionals expect.”


Using real-world examples, “Publicity Professor” shows you how to give editors and producers exactly what they’re looking for to get your story covered for free.


The guidebook includes easy-to-follow templates of press releases, media alerts, feature stories and pitch letters; suggestions on creating newsworthy special events and awards programs; and resources for contacting local, regional and national media.





Use these headlines for text links, sales letter openers, classified headers, and heads for autoresponders.

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The NEW Secrets to Copywriting That Sells


Anyone who has worked with me over the past 25 years knows that my mantra has always been “benefits, benefits, benefits.” Benefit headlines … benefit copy … benefit subheads … benefit captions … anything to hammer home the customer benefits.


Benefits are still a vital key, but today, copywriting needs much more than just benefits. To sell the most, copywriting needs to connect at a much deeper and more dramatic level than ever before.


There are 6 main reasons why. I call them The New Secrets to Copywriting That Sells.

1. The “Yahoogle” effect

Thanks to mega search engines like Yahoo and Google, tons of information on just about any topic, product or service is literally at your fingertips … for free.

Here’s what that means to your marketing:

• Internet search engine rankings for your business/product/service are vital. Most people search on the internet for things they are interested in.

• People won’t pay for information they can get online for free. You can’t succeed selling generic basic plain vanilla information any more.

• You can’t get away with outrageous claims. Everything you say can be checked out in an instant.

• Many people comparison shop on the internet before making any purchase.


• Use search engine optimization (SEO) to get your website ranked high.

• Most businesses will have to use Pay-Per-Click advertising for their best keywords and phrases.

• Copywriting must uncover and feature the unique advantages and superiority of whatever is being sold.

• Your offering must be extremely differentiated from the competition – or else you’ll end up having to compete on low prices alone.

• You must make it clear – very quickly – that you are providing something they can’t find elsewhere online for free.

2. Advertising Overload Filter

In today’s hectic, media-frenzied world, people are bombarded by hundreds or even thousands of advertising messages every single day. Therefore, to maintain their sanity, most people have become more immune to advertising.

They can’t possibly devote their full attention to every message they receive, so they’ve learned to “scan” and “filter” the messages they receive in a matter of a split-second or two.

So, to succeed today – marketing must cut through the “advertising filter” and get attention and interest from target prospects.


• Don’t send out “advertising.” Instead – send out valuable helpful information. Make it something that will obviously benefit your prospect just by reading it. Weave your sales pitch into this helpful information.

• Make your marketing look and sound valuable.

• Use specific numbers.

• Make a great offer. You can “buy” a new customer this way and profit from their Lifetime Value (LV).

• Consider a free offer to get prospects/customers into your marketing funnel.

• Be outrageous, crazy, unique – if appropriate.

• Be personal, corny, homey – if appropriate.


You may be the most honest person in the world. Your company may be the most honest in the world. But all your potential customer knows is there are a lot of dishonest people out there.

Internet scams, ID theft, companies going bankrupt, and credit card fraud are all in the headlines almost daily. And many people simply disregard claims that sound “too good to be true” today more than ever.

To succeed today, you need to add heavy credibility to your marketing. This will reduce the risk or fear people may have about doing business with you.


• Show the number of years you’ve been in business, membership in trade organizations, awards won, etc.

• Offer a free sample or free trial.

• Offer a risk-free, money-back guarantee.

• Sign your name to the ad or sales letter.

• Use a photo of the person writing, product photo, business photo, employees photo.

• Use customer testimonials extensively.

• Use case studies.

• Use lots of specifics.

• List your physical address, phone, fax, email and business hours.

• Have an “expert” be your spokesperson.

• Acknowledge any doubts or “sneaking suspicions” your prospect may already have, and give them valuable, factual information to support your product/service.

• Don’t make claims that could sound “too good to be true” – even if they are true.

4. The Entertain-Game Society

Today, entertainment is everything. Even hard news websites are full of flash, video, audio, surveys, contests, games, etc.

So, use this new environment in your marketing as an advantage. Look for ways to entertain and get prospects involved with your marketing promotions.


• This can include new uses of traditional “action” devices like stickers, rub-offs and inserts.

• Personal stories/testimonials in your promotion are entertaining and engage people on a personal level.

• Surveys with results

• Self-tests with answers

• Trivia

• Celebrity spokesperson

• Games

• Streaming audio and video

• Humor – if appropriate

5. The Right Now Factor

The days of “please allow 6-8 weeks for shipping” are dead and gone … just like any company who still thinks anything close to that kind of policy is ok.

More than anything else, the internet has conditioned consumers to expect everything instantly. Instant ordering … instant payment … instant confirmation … and, in many cases, instant downloading of product.

Solution: If you are going to grab the attention of today’s consumers, you must let them know you can satisfy their needs IMMEDIATELY. Play up how fast they will get their product, premium or first issue.

6. The Bonding Factor

We all want a hero, a guru, someone we can relate to, and someone we feel has our best interests at heart, right?

Today’s consumer is very jaded, skeptical and frustrated with the lack of love and bonding in his life, whether consciously or subconsciously.

Today, you need to be seen as a guide and friend first, and a helpful confidant second. If you even smell like just a greedy salesperson, you will lose your advantage.

Solution: Be likeable, friendly, personal, passionate, unique and different. Be authentic – a person and company that your prospect can genuinely bond with.

Secrets to Article Marketing


Let’s say you started up your own business. The only way for the business to succeed rather than fail is for you to promote it. You can do this by paying for advertisements or get the same attention for free through article marketing. To help you get started, here are 3 secrets.

1. First, you must come up with a catchy title to promote your business. Ever heard the line, “Curiosity killed the cat”, in this case no one is going to get hurt. But could you just imagine what would happen if people would like to know more about the article just by reading the title?


It would also be helpful if you use keywords so people who type it will see your article. At the same time, you can mention the benefits of what reading your articles can do for them.

2. Second, make sure that your article is well organized. Instead of just writing your article paragraph by paragraph, maximize the use bullets or numbers to stress important points.


This will make their reading experience a memorable one because they are able to remember it.

3. Third, your articles have to be informative and not just impress the reader. You can do so by using simple words instead of using big ones by putting this in a way that the average person can understand.


You may have had an experience at the hospital where the doctor told you of your condition using some medical term that sounds serious but in English simply means you have a stomach ache.

Once you finish writing the article, read it over and see if you understand it. Better yet, give this to someone and see what they say.


If there are some concerns, edit it because although you may be an expert in this matter, your readers may not and the reason why they want to read it is to learn more about what you have to offer.


Don’t forget to check on your article to see if there is anything new you would like to add. This is where variety comes in as there are different ways of stressing a point when the bottom line is that you want people to visit your site.

You can get new information by joining and posting in online forums and blogs. Some even put snippets in their articles. You should add something daily and don’t forget to put a link to your site.


4. Lastly, each article has an article summary. Most websites require this so in just 3 or 5 sentences, get down to it and say what your article is all about and why should they spend their time reading the entire thing.


If you don’t put any effort here, you may have already lost the opportunity to make it look interesting for the reader to find out more.


Promoting your site thought article marketing is very easy. You just have to follow the 4 secrets mentioned and then use this to your advantage.


Again, you need to have a catchy title, make sure it is well organized and informative so people will be encouraged to visit your site.

If done properly, you will undoubtedly get more traffic which is what this form of advertising is all about.


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