Tennis Clothes-A Revolution In Style

Tennis Clothes-A Revolution In Style

Tennis Clothes-A Revolution In Style Tennis garments have actually transformed substantially in design, material, as well as shade over the last 100 years.


The tennis garments of both females as well as guys were totally white in shade. Comparison this official design with the tennis garments put on by the tennis gamers of today.

Tennis Clothes-A Revolution In Style
Tennis Clothes-A Revolution In Style

In enhancement, women tennis gamers of the 1970’s and also 1980’s preferred typical tennis garments with an upgraded design.

Today’s females tennis gamers put on a selection of tennis garments, varying from tennis skirts as well as outfits to tee shirts as well as shorts.


While tennis gamers still use white at even more typical clubs (e.g. Wimbledon), there is a much bigger selection of shades in modern-day tennis clothing.


Tennis gamers should be able to run, reduce, leap, as well as spin all while performing specific tennis strokes to strike a round typically relocating at high rates.


Modern tennis gamers like tennis clothing that are light-weight, in shape well, ward off wetness, and also are usually comfy.

Tennis clothing that maintain the body cool and also completely dry can assist gamers combat the physical toll that playing tennis, particularly in warm climate, can precise.

Tennis Clothes-A Revolution In Style
Tennis Clothes-A Revolution In Style

Developments in garments innovation have actually likewise added to the advancement of tennis garments. Tennis garments made of these artificial fibers aid get rid of sweat from the skin as well as apparel by wicking wetness away from the body.


The majority of specialist tennis gamers as well as numerous leisure tennis gamers currently put on tennis garments made with these brand-new innovations since they maintain them cooler as well as drier than conventional tennis wear.


While tennis garments keep some of their procedure as well as conventional design, contemporary tennis gamers worth convenience and also specific design over custom.

Tennis Clothes-A Revolution In Style
Tennis Clothes-A Revolution In Style

In enhancement, damaging from their standard origins, tennis garments have actually ended up being a tool for individual expression of specific design and also crucial items of tools in a significantly physical sporting activity.


Comparison this official design with the tennis garments put on by the tennis gamers of today. In enhancement, women tennis gamers of the 1970’s as well as 1980’s popular typical tennis clothing with an upgraded design.


Today’s females tennis gamers use a range of tennis clothing, varying from tennis skirts and also outfits to tee shirts and also shorts.


A lot of specialist tennis gamers as well as lots of entertainment tennis gamers currently use tennis clothing made with these brand-new modern technologies since they maintain them cooler as well as drier than typical tennis wear.

Nike Women’s Tennis Clothes

Nike is a well known brand particularly for its quality products and latest designs.


They are considered one of the world’s premier sports clothing manufacturer because of their innovative designs on sports apparel, one of which are tennis clothes.


Nike tennis clothes last because they use quality materials, such as advanced fibers for clothing that makes it comfortable, lasting and worth every penny.

Nike Women’s Tennis Clothes

When it comes to tennis clothes, women’s are the most trendy or fashionable. They come in different styles and prices, as well as various categories.


This category of tennis clothes is something that’s hip and comfortable when you play tennis, it allows you to move freely and comfortably. Nike features two of its products on latest tennis dresses:

Nike Cool Motion Dress

Dri-FIT fabric wicks away moisture and added spandex delivers extra stretch. Mesh paneling in high heat zones delivers superb ventilation;

design lines map the body for extra chic; absence of an internal bra allows you to customize your support; racer back leaves muscles free to move; 32.5” body length. Price: $70.00

Nike Serena Corset Dress

Nike Sphere React Cool front panel inset offers the ultimate in moisture management; two-color sheer woven pleats allow unrestricted motion; shimmer ray insets at bust and back. Price: $100.00


Here’s something to add to your tennis clothes, a tennis women’s jacket, which has cool colors. Warm-ups can never be the same with these breezy, no-cling jackets.

Convertible Jacket – Women’s

Warm up and cool down in comfort in this jacket-to-vest-combo. Nike Sphere Dry and Dri-FIT fabric combo delivers the ultimate in moisture

-wicking and thermal control. Shoulder zips allow jacket to change easily into a vest as muscles warm up. Ergonomic pockets won’t get in the way of your moves. Full front allows easy on and off.

Price: $80.00
Sphere Control Jacket
Warm ups are a breeze to this cool, no-cling jacket. Nike Sphere Dry fabric keeps moisture and cling at bay. Full-zip allows easy on and off. Hood offers quick cover-ups. Ergonomic seaming won’t chafe or bind. Price: $75.00
Border Jacket
Durable Nike Jacket. Price: $65.00

If you’re playing tennis, you might as well have the original court panties that allow you to move freely while playing the sport.

Court Shorties

Stay-put hem. No bind 2-inch cuff hem. Minimal ride-up while playing. Micro-Tek supreme; coolmax lined gusset; designed performance and style; perfect skirt length; left and right easy-access tennis ball pockets. Price: $30.00

ShortShorties w/ Pockets in Micro-Tek Supreme (Women’s)
Perfectly comfortable under your tennis skirt.


Micro-Tek Supreme fabric to wick away moisture from the body 2 ½ inch inseam. CoolMax gusset for additional comfort on the court. Stay-put hem with two easy-access ball pockets. Price: $29.99

Fancy Pants

These sleek fitting nylon/lycra panties have cotton-lined crotch for comfort. The unique back ball pockets lie flat against the body when not in use without adding additional bulk.


The wonderful pique fabric allows your tennis skirt to fall smoothly over your hips and it’s all about looking good. Price: $16.00


If you’re more into wearing pants than dresses for warm-ups, then Nike Pants features two of their latest designs:

Control Capri-Womens

Ideal for summer warm-ups, this moisture wicking Capri lets you control the court in style with its Nike Sphere Dry fabric to keep skin cool

and comfortable. Ergonomic pockets provide easy storage and quick draw striped waistband fits great and looks fabulous; 22” inseam. Price: $65.00

Border Pant-Womens

Pant with Dri-FIT to keep you comfortable and dry. Wicks moisture from skin and quick drying. Price: $60.00


This category of tennis clothes has a lot of styles that you can choose from. Here are three top designs of Nike tennis clothes shirts:

Serena Slam Tank – Womens

Get Serena’s style in this power tank. Nike Sphere fabric increases ventilation while Dri-FIT fabric manages moisture for game-winning comfort on the court. Price: $65.00

Racey Back Polo-Womens

Command the court in this sleek, maximum mobility polo with Nike Sphere Dry fabric that delivers comfortable moisture-wicking and less cling. Price: $45.00

Sphere Control Polo-Womens

A moisture managing twist on the classic polo with Nike Sphere Dry fabric that reduces cling and draws moisture away from the skin.

Mesh side and back insets provide zoned cooling, pieced –on sporty stripe adds a punch of color. Price: $50.00


This category of tennis clothes is hip and sleek. Match them up with Nike shirts and you get a fashionable fit in the world of tennis clothes. Latest fashions from Nike on this category are:

Serena Slam Skirt-Womens

Power up you play in this brilliant, maximum mobility skirt with Dri-FIT fabric that help keep skin cool and dry by rapidly wicking away moisture.


It has internal compression short that delivers comfortable coverage and the full elastic waistband ensures a great fit. Motion print is overlaid with mesh for a fresh flirty look. Skirt length is 13”.

Price: $65.00
New Border Skirt
Put on this pull-on skirt for cool comfort and super smashes. Dri-FIT fabric moves moisture away from the skin for quick evaporation.

Front and back darts create a flattering fit and the side slits ensure greater range of motion. Skirt length is 13”.
Price: $50.00

There are still other categories of Nike Women’s tennis clothes like, shorts, t-shirts and warm-ups, but the basic tennis clothes should come first on your list. So hurry up ladies, get those Nike tennis clothes and gear up for tennis play and fashion.

Modern Tennis Clothes Bridge The Gap Between Tradition And Style

There was a time when selecting tennis clothes was quite a simple endeavor; the tradition of wearing tennis whites made the selection process quite streamlined.


However, as anyone who follows tennis knows, the days of watching Martina Navratilova or Jimmy Connors take the court wearing all white are long gone, and today’s game is one that embraces fashion forward styles and functional fabrics.

Today’s best players, like Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova, are often seen in apparel that spans the spectrum of color and fashion; not surprisingly, the rest of the tennis world has followed suit.

Today’s tennis clothes look great on and off the court, and they are made with performance fabrics that surpass the cottons of the past in nearly every way.


Modern polyester fabrics like Coolmax™ and Wickaway™ are available in a wide range of knits and colors, but it is not their style but their utilitarian qualities that make them so ideal for tennis.

Performance fabrics – like polyester, nylon, and spandex – breathe unlike traditional textiles allowing you to stay cool and dry even during the height of summer.


Further, these high tech fabrics hold their shape and color much better than their cotton counterparts, allowing you to look good before, during, and after your match, and their high durability will allow you to continue to look good in the future.

Modern textiles are just one aspect of contemporary tennis clothes; these clothes are fashionable and functional as well.


While there is nothing wrong with wearing traditional whites to the court, proper tennis attire now includes bright colors and prints which continue to gain popularity at all levels of the game.


Style and form are important considerations when selecting tennis apparel, but one should be careful not to ignore function as well as the traditions of the game.

All tennis players should own a proper warm-up outfit, which is typically a two piece suit consisting of long pants and a long sleeved top.


A warm-up outfit helps the athlete stay warm and get loose before a match, and it is also the traditionally preferred attire for arrival at the court.

Tradition also holds that warm-up suits should be removed during the actual match unless it happens to be a very cold day.

During a match, men should wear tucked shirts and tennis shorts, although more and more the untucked look is becoming a presence in professional and amateur tennis.


Women should wear short sleeved or sleeveless shirts paired with skirts or skorts – shorts that have styling that resembles a traditional skirt.

It is important to note that the traditional tennis attire is still alive and well in some places, particularly at some tennis and country clubs.


If you are invited to play as a guest at a club, check with the club or your host in order to be certain that your tennis clothes are appropriate and fitting with their dress code.

No tennis outfit is complete without the ever important accessories. Tennis shoes should be sneaker style, and it is probably best to purchase sneakers that are specifically designed for tennis.


Not only will true tennis shoes perform better, they will not have black or dark colored soles which are banned at many courts due to their tendency to leave dark scuffs on the playing surface.


Make sure you complement your tennis outfit with fashionable socks as well as things like headbands, hats, or wristbands; all of which will help keep your face and hands dry and ready for action.

Tennis is a game deeply rooted in history and tradition, but with some careful shopping you can successfully span those boundaries by wearing tennis clothes that perform well, look great, and stay true to the traditions of the game.

Tennis Clothes Should Be Comfortable

You have been playing tennis on and off over the years and have finally decided to get more serious about the game.


You figure you can kill two birds with one stone by getting your exercise while doing something you like. Now, you set off to get yourself ready to play.

As always, you want to look your best, after all, you have always been a great dresser. The decision now is ‘what should I wear when playing tennis?’


Do I need special outfits similar to what pros like the Williams sisters wear or can I just wear casual clothing? Bottom line is that the decision is yours to make.

You can purchase a complete outfit made by any major manufacturer of sporting goods. These include Nike, Adidas, Prince, Wilson, Head, Babolat, Balle de Match, and there still many more out there selling good products.

If you do not want to invest in the special clothes, think comfortable. Your outfit should be loose and flowing as you will be running back and forth, jumping up and down and twisting in every direction as you try to hit the ball.


Maybe you will want to just wear the clothes you already have in your closet or to purchase ones-either works as long as you can move freely around the court.

If you join a group or a club and play as a team together, you may need to purchase a team uniform.

Your group will select an outfit that may include a top, shorts, socks and jacket or a special short dress with socks and a jacket-monograms are also available and you can even add the team’s name to the back of the outfit.

If you have joined a tennis club, you may want to stop by periodically to see what other people are wearing. I am not saying that you should try to ‘keep up with the Jones’ here,


but there may be an ‘unspoken’ dress code for players. You should be able to figure that out without embarrassing yourself by showing up inappropriately dressed.

Take time to go out and shop around for your outfit. If you do not have a lot of spare time or you hate to think about spending time at the mall on your day off, look on the internet.


Just type in ‘tennis clothing’ and you will be amazed at the number of different web sites that will be listed.

Go through a few of these sites to get an idea of what you want-this is probably the quickest and easiest way to see literally hundreds of different options in just a few minutes.


You can even order your outfit without every leaving your home-it can even be delivered directly to your door for you to wear.

Find the outfit you like and that you are comfortable in. Play tennis with your friends, make new acquaintances, schmooze with potential clients, and just enjoy yourself. You are out with people and getting exercise and you look and feel great.

Sports Clothes and Girls

When women started entering the world of sports, they had to deal with a lot of prejudice. The then male dominated sports industry scoffed at the idea that women would be competing in various manly sports.

They believe that the place of women were in the home and not in the track and field or diamond field.


Well, nowadays you won’t even think that women are incapable of competing in such “manly sports”. Women today have shown as capable of dominating sports like track and field, tennis, basketball, etc.

But with due to the increasing number of women athletes, clothing manufacturers and sports experts have begun developing the right clothing for them.


Women athletes have some specific needs that need to be addressed in order for them to compete properly in some sporting events.


Researchers have come up with high-tech performance fabrics that help create sports apparel that are both comfortable and function for the women athlete.

A lot of sports stores today offer a complete line of women and girls sports apparel. You can find for example, sports bras made of spandex materials that feature high necklines which provide full coverage and maximum support.


Designers have thought of incorporating arched seams and used the right combination of hook-and-eye closures to provide an extremely strong hold. Some sports bras also have wide elastic panels to keep the bra in place.

Aside from the serious women athletes, a lot of women out there enter sports just to have fun or just to stay fit. There are already a lot of women sportswear stores that cater to the needs of this group of women.

If you go to your nearest department store or sports clothing shop, it is almost certain that you’ll find a number of sports fashion line that mixes together unique fabrics and the newest and hottest fashion designs.


Fashion designers for years have been into designing sports clothing. They have created sportswear for the various types of women sport activities.


These include aerobics, fitness activities, running, yoga, golf and tennis. The main premise that fashion designers try to uphold is for women enjoy a good work out while looking attractive and feeling sexy.

This only proves that sports shops should not limit their target market to professional women athletes. They have a wide market base of women who are simply into sports just for the heck of it.


And these women are more than willing to spend to get the appropriate clothing. Sports clothing stores should also offer simple women sportswear like shirts, pants, shorts, as well as various accessories in a myriad of colors and designs.




While tennis clothing preserve some of their rule and also standard design, contemporary tennis gamers worth convenience as well as private design over practice.


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