Safety Tips For First Time Travelers

Safety Tips For First Time Travelers

For some, taking a trip is a method to do company while for others, it is their time for satisfaction

. Stats expose that these tourists are normally individuals that take a trip for company whose primary purpose is to chat as well as satisfy to customers.

If you are one of them or preparing to be simply like them, you require a handful of basic traveling protection suggestions to assist maintain your traveling satisfying and also risk-free.

Order a couple of beneficial expressions, introductions, and also all various other appropriate details concerning your location from the neighborhood collection, traveling publications, and also the Internet.

Protection Tips For First Time Travelers

An additional basic traveling suggestion that is typically overlooked is bringing light baggage.

It is additionally crucial to protect all traveling files like tickets as well as traveling insurance coverage.

Preventing abroad burglary is one element that makes taking a trip security essential One means to prevent being a target is to clothe just as well as cautiously.

Safety Tips For First Time Travelers
Safety Tips For First Time Travelers

Traveling safety professionals recommend placing covered tags on the outdoors and also within your travel luggage. These basic traveling suggestions do not imply to frighten you out of worldwide traveling however to place you in your guard.

If you are one of them or preparing to be simply like them,

you require a handful of basic traveling safety ideas to assist maintain your traveling satisfying as well as secure.

It is additionally vital to safeguard all traveling records like tickets and also traveling insurance policy

. Preventing abroad burglary is one variable that makes taking a trip safety and security required One method to stay clear of being a target is to clothe merely as well as cautiously.

Traveling safety and security professionals recommend placing covered tags on the outdoors and also within your baggage. These basic traveling suggestions do not suggest to terrify you out of global traveling yet to place you in your guard.

Safety Tips For Travelers

Safety Tips For First Time Travelers
Safety Tips For First Time Travelers

Research the country of your destination, get as much information as possible about the places you intend to visit. Get yourself familiar with local customs and regulations.

Travelmake’s Destination Guides is a good place to start. Our online Travel Store offers a range of safety items for travelers.

Here you can also purchase detailed maps, informative guidebooks, first aid kits and other items necessary for making your trip safe.

– Obtain travel insurance, preferably with the plan that provides direct, immediate payment to the medical provider.

– Before you leave, photocopy your documents and tickets so it would be easier to replace them if they are lost or stolen.
– Keep a low profile. Try to blend in with the locals as best you can. Leave expensive jewelry and precious valuables at home.

– Do not discuss your travel plans publicly.
– Stay alert, especially in high-risk countries.
– Do not expose your valuables (money, documents, jewelry, etc.), keep them locked in the hotel safe.
– Carry only small amounts of cash.
– Wear a consealed money belt, keep your essential documents and money in it.
– Each time you use your credit card, keep an eye on it until it is returned to you. Check credit cards when they are returned.

– Never leave your personal items unattended.
– Respect local customs and regulations.
– If you get into trouble, contact the nearest embassy.
– If you are unfamiliar with the local language, write down some key phrases in the local language.
– In case of theft, get a police report immediately if you’ll be making an insurance claim. Thefts of travelers checks must be reported within 24 hours.



Check in as fast as you can and do not delay in the main terminal area. Do not discuss your travel plans with fellow passengers, crew, or even traveling companions.


Get yourself familiar with exits and safe areas. Try to stay away from unattended baggage. Verify baggage claim checks before and after flight.


Never leave your luggage unattended. Stay calm and alert. Try to occupy a window seat in the coach section. This position is less accessible by hijackers.



Get a card with the hotel’s name and address. You can show it to a cab driver if you get lost. Stay in hotels on well-traveled streets in safer areas of the city of your destination.

Lower level floors are safer in case of fire. Although, avoid the first floor as it is the best location for burglars.

Get yourself familiar with the location of stairways, fire escapes routes, emergency exits and alarms.

Keep your hotel room door locked at all times. Before opening the door to a stranger, verify who it is. Never invite strangers into your hotel room.

Never leave your valuables (a camera, documents, jewelry, etc.) lying around where hotel employees can see them.

Before leaving you room for the day, put the “Do not disturb” sign on your door to give the impression that the room is occupied.

When you are ready for the room to be cleaned, call the maid.

Use the hotel safe to store valuables.

Carry the room key with you, do not leave it at front desk.

Do not use your name when answering the phone.

When returning to your hotel at night, use the main entrance. Be observant before entering parking lots.



If a fire starts take your key before leaving the room, as most hotel doors lock automatically. Do not use elevators during a fire.


If you encounter heavy smoke in the stairwell, do not try to run through it, you may not make it. Turn around and walk up to the roof fire exit.


If all exits are blocked or if there is heavy smoke in the hallway, you will be better off staying in your room. If there is smoke in your room, open a window and turn on the bathroom vent.


If your phone works, call the desk to tell them where you are, or call the fire department to report your location in the building. Hang a bed sheet out the window as a signal.


Fill the bathtub with water to use for fire fighting. Bail water onto your door or any hot walls. Stuff wet towels into cracks under and around doors where smoke can enter.


Place a wet towel over your mouth and nose to help filter out smoke. If you are above the second floor, you will be better off fighting the fire in your room than jumping.



Buy a map, familiarize yourself with the city and location of your hotel. With the help of hotel employees locate unsafe areas of the city and avoid visiting them by any means.


Do not stay out on the streets late at night. When walking, remain on wide, well-lit streets. If necessary, arrange for taxi service. Watch your drinks being poured.


Never accept a drink from a stranger. Get advice from your hotel workers about reputable restaurants and other entertainment.

Never resist armed robbery, it could lead to violence.

We wish you a successful and safe trip!


Trip Planning Tips For Travelers

Safety Tips For First Time Travelers 4 1 Safety Tips For First Time Travelers

A well-planned vacation always means a happier, more enjoyable, more memorable and a safer trip.
RESEARCH your travel destination.

Study the local climate and tourist seasons so you pick the best time to travel there and feel yourself comfortable. We also have unique articles and downloadable maps for the most popular travel destinations.


Learn about local laws and customs of the countries to which you are traveling. Find out the most interesting sights, attractions you would like to see. Make a list of them, place the route on an up-to-date map.


Read up on the places you plan to visit, chat to people who have been there, ask them for advice. These days it can easily be done through Internet.


Learn about festivals, holidays, shows in the country you are about to visit. Be sure that important attractions are open the day you willl be there. Many tourist attractions are closed for at least one day during the week.

Learn the ENTRY REQUIREMENTS, provide documents reqiured.


EmbassyWorld.com is a great source for finding out this information. Make sure you have a signed, valid passport and entry visas, if required.

Fill in the emergency information page of your passport. Your legal name should be the same on all your travel documents.




TravelMake has an informative page on transportation tips for travelers with links to discount airlines and train schedules worldwide.


It is an excellent data source that may help in your research. We also can offer you flight reservations at great prices, you will save even more if you choose to book air+hotel.


If you need a rental car, we can offer you wide variety of vehicles for rent at popular travel destinations around the world.




Do not overstress yourself with a tight timeline, leave some time for relaxation and rest between sightseeing activities. Book accommodations ahead of time.



Make all necessary reservations for your trip ahead of time. HEALTH and SAFETY.

We devoted one web page to health tips for travelers . There you will find advice on health risks and prevention measures for various diseases, so you can have a safer trip if you plan it properly.


Do not forget to purchase a travel insurance for your trip, it will provide you with a safety blanket if something goes wrong.


For travel safety advice, basic foreign country information, current safety  issues and warnings visit the official web site of the US government.


Europeans can check out safety recommendations issued by the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office Travel. Another great source of advice on travel safety is the Australian Government’s Travel Advisory web site.


Plan a visit to your family doctor before your trip to ask his advice and to get an extra supply of regularly taken prescribed medications.


Prepare extra copies of your travel documents and the trip’s itinerary, leave them with your relatives or friends so they would know where to look for you if necessary.


Notify by phone or register in person with your homeland embassy or consulate upon arrival.


Ask your neighbor or relative to pick up your mail and look after your house while you are away. Consult your property insurance agency about their policy on leaving your house abandoned.


Some agencies have strict regulations that would not allow to cover possible damages to property if it stays uninhabited for a certain period of time.


If you are asked to deliver a package for a stranger, refuse. Exchange currency only at established and licensed locations, at banks and hotels.




Traveling children also need to have a valid passport. If it is required, you also have to provide an entry visa to each of your children. Visit EmbassyWorld.com web site for details.


For bottle-feeding babies, bring prepared formula and bottled water. Bring along water or juiceboxes. A plastic food container will suit for storing a half-eaten or an untouched meal, for later.


Do not forget wipes for cleaning up dribbles down shirt-fronts and spills. Take plenty of amusements: some toys, books and treats.


To avoid ear pressure problems, have little babies nurse or suck their bottles during airplane takeoffs and landings. Toddlers and kids can suck on a candy or chew gum.


TravelWithYourKids web site offers advice and tips for traveling families: the places to stay, to eat and the things to do.

We wish you a successful and safe trip!

Safety First Advice for Women Travelers

Generally, there area lot of women travelers who get stuck in being confused on what to do when traveling alone.

Safety Tips For First Time Travelers
Safety Tips For First Time Travelers

Women, being more of the vulnerable type, would think that it can be quite scary embarking through stranger’s land where everyone knows that you are a new comer.

Women, don’t fret. Here are some tips to guide you make it through safe traveling. With these safety first advices for traveling women, you can ease out your concerns.

Advice # 1 – Always consider what to wear.

Your attire can accurately tell who you are and what lies beneath that bag of yours. Every place is different but nothing beats simplicity.

if you are going in East side countries wherein most places are still “developing”, it is not wise to wear signature clothes or branded shoes.

This will not only make some kind of commotion but also attract the eyes of prowling thieves. In addition, other countries are reprimanding the wearing of revealing clothes.

How do yougo about this? Dress simply. Dress what locals will dress. If necessary, buy clothes that you often see them wear.

Advice # 2 – Stay away from suspicious strangers.

Remember, you are in a foreign country wherein people can’t even understand a single word you’re saying. That is why, it is better to stay away from suspicious looking people. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt.

There is a perception that because women are weaker than men in terms of muscle strength, they are more vulnerable to get mobbed helplessly.


You can choose to stay in parts of the town where it is considered safe but then again you will be defeating the main reason why you’re traveling. You’ll miss all the fun of being a travelers . Or you could do the following:

• Be watchful of the people around you. Call it paranoia but better safe than sorry. Stay alert especially in crowded areas because some thieves would prefer to do their thing amongst a number of people.

• Take the jewelries off. It is not advisable to strut your way through the busy streets of a foreign place showing off your most priced jewelry. It’s like saying, “Come and get me.”

• Carry a light and if necessary, a weapon for protection. A heavy flashlight can be can be very useful when you came home late or you’re passing through a dark alley.

• Hide it under your undies. Yes, it can be quite uncomfortable but it would be one of the safest places to stash your money. If you’re wearing shoes, you can hide it underneath or inside your socks or stockings.

Advice # 3 – Bring your medicines.

If traveling makes you sick, better have something to prevent occurrences to happen. If you have asthma, hypertension or any kind of illness that can strike you anywhere, always have a solution to it

– bring your prescribed medicines. Never reach a point where you have to stop everything or be rerouted just to get you to the nearest hospital.

Equipped with these advices, you’ll be safer and be much more confident. You can feel more relaxed to go on a journey.


Always be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to odd people. Following these safety first advices when traveling through different lands, as a woman, can get you home in one piece safe and

Travel Central America

Sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Central America offers travelers the opportunity to visit one of the world’s most amazing ecological and cultural destinations.

Safety Tips For First Time Travelers
Safety Tips For First Time Travelers

Central America is home to beautiful jungles, sandy beaches, waterspouts like surfing and SCUBA diving, and some of the western hemispheres most hospitable resort destinations.

While Central America has experienced a tumultuous past that includes colonial exploitation and violent uprisings, travelers who visit today will experience relative safety.


For those visitors who choose to travel South America, each country offers a unique experience that will engage and entertain them.

Check out the following countries and attractions when you travel South America:

By far, the most stable country in Central America, Belize was created for travelers seeking a Caribbean flavor with a mainland location.


In fact, most visitors agree that Belize has more in common with islands of the Caribbean than with its more volatile Central American neighbors. Home to a 180 mile long barrier reef, Belize is a SCUBA and snorkeling enthusiasts dream.

Despite its reputation for social and political repression, travelers flock to the Central American country of Guatemala in an effort to see its natural wonders.

Huge volcanoes and the regions highest concentration of Mayan ruins draw visitors to this turbulent nation.

El Salvador:
With the civil war of the 1980’s long over, El Salvador is now transformed into a travelers -friendly destination with huge natural volcanoes.

travelers should certainly visit places like the Montecristo Cloud Forest, which receives over 80 inches of rain annually, and the capital city of San Salvador.

Honduras may appear to be a true banana republic, but travel there is easy, enjoyable and inexpensive. The slow pace, natural beauty and low-profile tourism make it particularly appealing to travelers  who enjoy getting off the beaten track.

This troubled Central American nation is rebuilding after years of war. travelers are drawn there by its wondrous natural landscapes and vast natural treasures.

Costa Rica:
Known as the most stable and ecologically stunning nation in Central America, Costa Rica is the most successful tourist destination in the region.


By embracing a very progressive attitude towards the preservation of the environment, visitors who travel Costa Rica can experience the amazing natural wonders of the Central American region.


With miles of beautiful coastline on both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica provides surfing and snorkeling for its guests.

The rain forest of inland Costa Rica is home to monkeys, sloths, crocodiles and exotic birds as well as some rare and endangered plant species, as well.

Except for the world famous Canal that bears the country’s name, Panama is largely overshadowed by its neighbors as a popular destination for Central American travelers .


Those who do choose to visit Panama will be enthralled by numerous natural and cultural wonders that should not be overlooked.

Visitors should be sure to experience the nation’s native birds and the thrill of off-shore deep-sea fishing.


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