Best Male’s Platform Shoes

Male’s Platform Shoes

Male’s Platform Shoes Guy’s system footwear are footwear that have thick soles. Currently, males’s system footwear are used usually for style as well as added elevation.

In Ancient Greece, protagonist in the Greek cinema used shoe to elevate their elevation. The guys of Europe throughout the 18th century put on shoe to stay clear of the filth of metropolitan roads.

Male’s system footwear were prominent in the United States throughout the 30’s up to the very early 50s. Guy’s system footwear are typically put on in clubs and also events.

Male’s shoe were mainly put on by boys to stand out. Shoe offer added elevation as well as without the pain of using of spike heels.

There are numerous kinds of designs of guys’s system footwear that were prominent in the 70s as well as 80s. Popular guys’s system footwear throughout this duration have actually soles made of cork, timber as well as artificial products.


Convenience system footwear that went out of the market were typically created as tennis shoes; convenience system

footwear have actually the included elevation of systems as well as the assistance, the fit as well as the convenience of a tennis shoe.


A lot of the design these days’s shoe were from 1940s and also 50s ages. The system footwear craze vanished in the 60s,

it rather restored itself in the style globe throughout the late 1990s as well as very early 21st century.
At existing times, guys’s shoe constantly have their very own room on every footwear shop.


There some system footwear offered in the market today that have vibrant styles, the majority of system footwear come in rather conventional appearance.


Some of the styles of guys’s system footwear have soles that are concealed inside the footwear which provides the footwear a regular appearance.

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The system footwear of today are comfy as well as light-weight than the system footwear of the 70s or 80s period.


Male’s system footwear are footwear that have thick soles. Convenience system footwear that went out of the market were usually made as tennis shoes;

convenience system footwear have actually the included elevation of systems as well as the assistance, the fit as well as the convenience of a tennis shoe.

There some system footwear readily available in the market today that have vibrant layouts, many system footwear come in rather traditional appearance.

Some of the styles of guys’s system footwear have soles that are concealed inside the footwear which provides the footwear a regular appearance. The system footwear of today are comfy as well as light-weight than the system footwear of the 70s or 80s period.

Find Men Footwear At Your Comfort and Style!


Wondering what to pick for a man, looking out for men footwear, leather shoes can be a good option. Italian designers are among the best footwear.

designers in the world designing the highest quality men‘s shoes, with the best style, comfort and fit. If you want the very best, there is only one way to go, that’s Italian!

Choosing a good quality men‘s designer shoe in Australia can be easy when you know what to look for. This would include the grade of leather,

available styles from designers and your own personal tastes along with your correct shoe size. Let’s begin by looking at leather grades.

Always pick up shoes based on what a person like, you need to specially consider it if you are gifting men footwear.

Purchasing a pair of formal leather shoes for someone who is more into sports is not wise. If your man prefers rubber shoes, then go ahead and buy rubber shoes.

Just because it is not shiny and formal does not mean that it is not stylish and classy. For high performance men‘s outdoor footwear choose from the top brands in Australia like Meindl,

Scarpa, Merrell, Keen, TNF, Karrimor and Berghaus. You can find such international brands in Australia too.

Men footwear in Australia– find the right one for you!
You can find men‘s fabric walking boot which can offer you perfect balance between light weight, durability and waterproof/breathability.

Don’t just go by its style, consider the comfort and durability factor too. Men, usually don’t go by the style or designer style of footwear.

They are either sport shoe lovers or of the leather footwear lovers. Learn about varied brands that you can choose from.

Blucher oxfords are open laced leather dress shoes which have the sides of the shoe sewn on the front part (the top to be exact).

Balmoral leather oxfords are close laced shoes in which the laces are sewn in a very unique way under the front part of the oxford and then the laces close over the tongue.

The end result is a smooth, streamlined shoe that has the appearance of being constructed from only one piece of leather.

Men footwear such as Business shoes are most often made of leather. Leather lovers prefer such formal or business shoes.

Some include a separate piece of leather that is to be found on the toe of the shoe (or the “cap toe”). Sometimes this piece of leather is plain and other times it is decorated with leather embroidery.

Choose the right one, by reading more online.

Catwalk Choice For Shoes


Vein Wear is Australia’s number one men’s footwear designer. Vein, by designer Christopher McCallum, has been recognised as the shoe of choice by Australia’s top clothing houses.

Vein opened its Winter season with the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival main parades Morrisey, Kenzo and Leopold.

Vein shoes were the natural footwear selection for Always Habit when they won the coveted Australian Design Awards in November .

Always Habit designs are for savvy young professional men. They are looking for a striking shoe to compliment their casual and suiting attire. Vein provides that.

Vein shoes were the footwear of choice when high flying Aussie labels “Leopold” and “Tom, Dick and Harry” unveiled their Winter collections at Mercedes Australian Fashion Week.

The parades were stand-outs with both collections attracting critical acclaim.

When Vein launched its Winter  collection at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival in March there was no question which shoes should be worn with the three pinnacle men’s collections of the season.

Main parades Morrisey, Kenzo and Leopold chose to accompany first class designs with Australian designer shoes by Vein.

“The fashion festival is definitely the highest point yet in our rise in Australian designer fashion. Morrisey is an idol and an icon.

To be worn on the foot of his, Kenzo and Leopold’s collections is a great honour. I know our shoes do their clothing justice”, says McCallum.

At the upcoming Mercedes Australian Fashion Week Vein will be working closely with hot men’s label Red Cordial. Retailers, stylists and other fashion industry participants can also see a preview of

Vein’s Summer 06/7 collection at MAFW’s Source Exhibition at the end of April.

“At Vein we are delighted to work with clothing designers. Footwear does not steal the limelight at fashion parades, but a designer collection show is too important to leave footwear up to models, friends or God forbid resort to pluggers”, says McCallum.

Do You Need Wide Widths Shoes?


Do you need wide widths shoes? Don’t know where to find them? Here’s an online guide to resources to help you get started.

There are many online retailers that stock wide widths shoes at great prices. is the perfect place to start.

Just click on the tab labelled, ‘wide shoes,’ and you’ll find search engine’s for men‘s, women‘s, and children’s shoes. Just choose the size width and style of shoe you want and you’ll find just what you’re looking for.

Another great site is Like, offers a great selection of wide widths shoes.

Their easy to navigate site is both colourful and straightforward. Just choose between men‘s or women‘s shoes and then navigate to the size that you need.

If you want to simply comparison shop for wide widths shoes, then a more comprehensive site like Nextag apparel is a good place to start.

A simple search brings up over 70 pairs of shoes to choose from, like sandals, athletic and even shoes for weddings.

Their prices from their affiliates range anywhere from a reasonable $35.00 to over $100.00. Another good comparison site is, which offers worldwide shipping and great discounts on their shoes.

Their easy to navigate site will insure that you will just what you are looking for in a jiffy.
Designer shoes also come in a wide variety of widths, and there are many online retailers dedicated to selling name brand wide width shoes.

If you’re looking for a pair of Rockport Interns or Tribunals, is the place to go.

They offer 10-15% off of their already low prices, and free shipping, too! They also have a great selection of women‘s shoes for all occasions, like going to the beach or for running.

If you are looking for wide widths shoes, don’t despair! There are many great sites online to help you find the perfect pair.

Women’s Running Shoes


Summary: Women’s running shoes should have motion control, should be flexible, and should have lesser cushioning. Read on why.

Normally, there’s no marked difference between men and women’s running shoes. Any shoes that men may wear could also be worn by women without any reduced differences in performance or causing a possible health risk.

Experts tend to disagree though. The key difference between the sexes is physiology. Since female had wider hips (relevant to childbearing),

the end result would be that women’s legs tend to slant downwards at a greater angle from the hip to the ankles, a sharp contrast from the men who tend to have legs that are more splayed to the sides and toes pointing markedly in a 90° angle.

The slanting of the legs in turn will cause the feet to hit the ground from the outside, creating an opposite force direction that would also pull the gait inwards. The result would be an inward pronation action during every footstep.

Another difference is also body mass. A typical female in an 8 inch shoe size will weigh lesser than a male with a shoe of the same size.

So this basically means that a women’s 8 inch shoe should have lesser cushioning than the male’s 8 inch shoe. Cushioning, though a positive feature on all running shoes, may also provide unwittingly an amount of stiffness.

This is generally okay for male runners since they can easily bend even the stiffest shoe while they ran, but for women they could have trouble in flexing their shoes properly.

Summing it all up, women’s running shoes should have a bit of motion control to limit pronation and should be flexible enough to compensate the lack of strength.

Also, typical women’s running shoes should have lesser cushioning since women are lighter.

Saucony had been a favorite choice for women’s running shoes over the years, with designs that apparently were favorable with female runners.

Saucony shoes are noted to have narrow designs and defined heels. Other shoe manufacturers also have their own line of women’s running shoe, such as New Balance and Nike.

Here are two samples of Saucony women’s running shoes that are first-rate.

Saucony Grid Triumph 3
Regular Price: $100
* SRC XTRA provides the premier forefoot cushioning system for a smooth toe-off
* Repositioned triangular lugs on the outsole are more angled
* Impulse EVA midsole for increased responsiveness and durability

* Pillow-soft midsole give you the ultimate ride every single run
* HRC Strobel Board for increased cushioning and comfort
* Arch-Lock provides a snug midfoot fit
* Impact Interface cushions and isolates heel impact

Saucony 3D Grid Triumph
Regular Price: $99.99
* Full-length HRC provides ultimate cushioning

* 3D Grid system eliminates shock
* E.A.S. system guides your foot effortlessly through the gait cycle

The Men and Women’s Clog in Review


Clog shoes were extremely popular in the 70’s and they are making quite a comeback. They are defined by their design in general.

Most clogs you will find have open backs and can be slipped on. The traditional clog was one with a wooden sole and a leather top. They have a toe that is rounded and a little upturned.

The shoes remind you of a more modern version of the “Little Dutch” shoes. They are very trendy indeed. Today you can find clogs with backs as well.

They look very much like the traditional clogs; however they have that extra backing to help you keep your shoe on your foot.

Clogs are also so popular because they are very comfortable to wear. They are among the most comfortable shoe out there.

Women’s Clogs

Women love their clogs. Clogs offer women the ease of just slipping your foot into your shoe and being on your way.

Most women also love the fact that they can wear a breezy clog in the warmer weather without worrying about people seeing their toes.

Some women use them specifically in times when their toe nails need a little extra attention that they have not gotten around to yet.

Other women also love that they can still wear their clogs in cooler weather with socks. They are simply shoes that can go from one season to the next effortlessly.

You will find women wearing traditional clogs with wood and leather, suede covered clogs, or even garden clogs.

Many gardeners love to wear plastic clogs in their garden because they can be easily washed off and used over and over again.

You can find garden clogs in most home and garden stores. Canvas clogs are becoming more popular as well. The clog looks like a tennis shoe; only it is backless, making it a clog.

You can find very athletic versions or simple “Keds” versions of this type of clog.

Men’s Clogs

Most men are afraid of wearing clogs. Traditionally only women wore clogs, which can scare the manliest of men away altogether.

Those men who are brave enough to try them however end up loving them the most. Clogs for men are very masculine.

They typically are a lot like sandals in many ways. They are brown or black and made of leather. Where women’s clogs often have a chunky heel, clogs for men don’t.

Many men prefer to wear clogs with backs on them. They think it makes the shoe look manlier, which could be true to some.

They can wear these interesting shoes to work, on the golf course, or even to church. Overall, they are very versatile which appeals to men.

Medical Clogs

More and more we are seeing medical clogs being used in hospitals and other medical facilities. Medical clogs are those with thick rubber soles.

The upper area of the clog is usually made of rubber as well. These are perfect for nurses, doctors, and other medical staff.

They are so great because they protect the staff’s feet from germs and potentially hazardous materials on the floor.

Another benefit is that the medical clogs are slip resistant which helps the staff stay safe when their floor is wet. They can also be cleaned and disinfected very quickly and easily, which makes them even more appealing to medical staff.

Their durability is attractive as well. Some medical facilities will not allow their staff to wear backless clogs however, so they must purchase clogs with backs on them.

These rules are made to avoid any type of injury.

Clog shoes are not only functional, but they are also very fashionable. If you want to build a well-rounded shoe collection, you should certainly have a few pairs of clogs in the mix.

You can wear them with jeans, pants, or shorts. While you might want to avoid wearing them with dresses or skirts, there is always that one exception.

So, try them out with every outfit you own to see when they work the best. And, don’t forget to use them in the garden or around the house to protect your feet.

You can get your work done comfortably and be able to clean them easily after the job is complete.


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