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cisco voip Cisco VoIP, Easy Shortcut to an Effective and Unified Communication Technology has a never-ending story. It speaks about change and evolution and not about permanence.

From film-making to video game consoles, expect that technology will find a way to change these things into something that will interest the public as well as have it coping up with the drastic change of time and society.

From the traditional method of recording films during the pre-war times, there you have modern film-making equipments to help film-makers and producers make their movies very interesting to the viewing public.

Fantasy, scientific fiction (sci-fi), and animated movies are now possible with these modern film-making gadgets and equipments. On the other hand, from the

2-dimesional graphics and monotonous audio outputs of Magnavox and Atari video game systems, there you have the seventh generation of video game consoles, such as the newly-released PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, which is now the center of attention of the gaming public.

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Technology changed the way the people look and use such stuff.

It is not surprising to see communication tools evolve through the course of history. From the Morse code and telegraph mode of communication during

the early times come the modern and sophisticated communication tools, which are produced for a single purpose-to provide individuals an effective,

reliable, and convenient communication channel in keeping in touch with their friends and loved ones all over the world.

Regular telephone lines started the saga of modern communication system, which allowed individuals to make voice calls anywhere in the world in exchange for a certain fee

charge on a per-minute or per-call basis, depending on the telephone service provider. At the later decades of the 20th century,

mobile phones were introduced to the market. Such mobile phones allowed a user to make voice calls even if he or she is in a remote area, provided that the mobile phone service reaches such remote area.

Satellite phones are also produced to cater individuals who are living outside the coverage area of a regular mobile phone service provider. These are all products of technology to make existing communication systems convenient and reliable for the public to use.

At the early years of the 21st century, the communication industry introduced another form of modern communication, which is said to be the most reliable and cost

-effective communication tool nowadays-the Voice over Internet Protocol, or commonly known as VoIP. This latest communication offering is now wisely

used for business application and now getting popular among residential and other applications as well.

VoIP differs from other communication system in one thing-communication medium. Unlike in regular telephone lines that make use of underground telephone

cables and mobile phone lines that make use of signal towers, VoIP relies on a high-speed Internet connection to facilitate voice calls.

Thus, VoIP routes voice conversations using the Internet or other Internet Protocol (IP)-based networks.

VoIP became popular to business applications because it cuts down telephone bills by as much as 60 percent, both in terms of installation costs and monthly bills.

You only need to purchase one VoIP infrastructure and upgrade your existing VoIP system if you will need several lines in the future.

In addition, VoIP systems are cheaper by about 22 percent in terms of operation compared to circuit-switched networks. That is why the installation cost and monthly billing in

VoIP system is cheaper compared to regular telephone lines.

Such advantages prompt telecommunication giants to switch from their traditional phone system operations to VoIP system. One of which is Cisco, which provides

VoIP-based structures to help business organizations integrate their communication system closely with their business processes as well as to

ensure that information and other data reaches the intended recipients by using the most appropriate medium. cisco voip

Cisco‘s primary VoIP offering, which is the Cisco Unified Communication, is now a recognized product in voice as well as in data communication.

It combined the advantageous features of networking security and open application programming interface to facilitate an effective business communication channel within the walls of your business organization,

which can lead to simplified network management and lower total cost of business operation.

Soon, Cisco  will introduce the VoIP system extensively to residential and other essential applications. They are committed to provide an effective and unified communication not just for businesses but for the world as a whole.


VoIP and the Communications Industry

Are you worried about the costly long distance phone rates? Do you want to find some ways on how to call your loved ones in a cheap way? Are you a student who finds it hard to make a call with your parents?

Is your company paying too much for long distance call? Have you heard how VoIP contributes in communication business? The waiting is over, VoIP is the answer.

VoIP can eliminate all those expensive long distance rates. To further discuss, VoIP is the newest and most advanced audio communicationtechnology.

VoIP stands for Voice over internet protocol.

This latest communication innovation which has a variety of different applications and features in order to give a clear and affordable conversation all over the world.
How does VoIP work?

Many people are quite amazed on how VoIP works. Well, its features work on a revolutionary technology. It has a communication method that streamlines the sending analog audio signal.

The signal is converted into a sound to be sent digitally over transmission lines through the internet.

According to the service providers of VoIP, by using this technology the user can have free “by minute charges”. That is one of the great things about VoIP plans.

If the “by minute charges” is consumed, the user will have to pay the monthly fee and make all the calls they want over the computer.

The VoIP procedure is very simple but an elegant and simplistic way of communication. It can be the greatest solution for long distance call problems that everyone is waiting for.

The VoIP works on several ways, in communication, like circuit transmitting, data pocket exchanging and retrieval of information by using the computer.

This communication system can also send the information by finding the open channels that are available rather than out-and-out lines. The information transmitted simply assembled at the source location. Comparatively VoIP works more efficient.
In order to be aware of how VoIP works, it is first important to know the basic concept of traditional analog audio communication.

The analog audio communication can be very helpful in terms of VoIP communication.
The basic analog phone calls are actually made on the fiber optic communication network.

These networks can make a voice communication by collecting voices communications.

The voices are delivered directly to the destination, while the signals are also converted to analog.

VoIP can assure a cheap or even free telephone call for the users. For some companies, it also means generating income. This is good news for the companies who want to cut some of their expenses.

Most of the companies spend thousands of dollars per year just because of long distance calls alone.

Now, if the company would like to have far-reaching consultation call, VoIP can make more sense when it comes to that issue. It can also combine conference options like sharing of documents and multiple conversations.

According to some statistics, most of the companies that patronize VoIP has earned 80 percent of its revenues compared to other telecommunication that only gives 55 percent.

The great shift of VoIP is starting to hit top rating national telecommunication industry and international mobile corporations.

As a conclusion, VoIP is indeed a very interesting breakthrough when it comes to communications. It is the most well-organized, accurate, efficient, and much less expensive way of talking to the people you need to communicate to.

Why not try VoIP? It can be the answer to all of those communication hindrances.

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The VoIP and the Need for QoS

The telephone is one of the most useful inventions man has ever made. It is something that made the world smaller and it is also something that

modern society is continuing to use in businesses and also in homes. Since the telephone was invented, services have since improved and additional phone features are also available, such as three-way calling, or call waiting.

The telephone line is now also being used to connect to the internet. High speed internet connection through DSL is now available in most telephone companies.

Today, the telecommunications industry is now taking it one step forward and developed a new kind of telephone system that is starting to gain popularity in today’s society.

Imagine, with this kind of communication system, you will be able to talk to your loved ones abroad for a fraction of the cost that you will usually get in conventional landline phones.

Also, features, such as call waiting, call forwarding, return call, video conferencing capabilities, caller ID and others are integrated with this particular communication system as a standard package, which means that it’s entirely free.

Free calls are also integrated with this new kind of phone system. If you are calling someone from halfway around the world, who is also subscribed to the service provider you are subscribed in, the calls will be free.

It would be great if you have this kind of phone system. Today, it is now possible because of the advancement in the communications

technology and this communication system is called VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol or sometimes referred to as Internet Voice.

The reason why calls are so cheap with VoIP is that it is connected to the internet. As most people know, the internet provides a free and open communication system.

Another great thing about VoIP is because the data is transmitted in a digital format in the internet, transmission and reception of voice data is faster and clearer than ever before.

The fact that VoIP has so many benefits, many people are now considering getting rid of their conventional landline phones and getting hooked up with VoIP.

As you can see, VoIP is one of the latest solutions in communicationtechnology that will allow people to make much cheaper long distance calls than conventional landline phones.

However, you have to consider that there will sometimes be hiccups in your internet connection. Because of this, it can significantly affect your VoIP phone.

It will result in garbled communication or it can result in delays. This is why QoS or Quality of Service is now being integrated into VoIP to provide a solution for garbled communication.

The two main benefits of QoS for VoIP are:

• It protects VoIP on shared media
• It can prioritize VoIP

Bursty data applications will result in lower quality VoIP as well as losing 2 VoIP packets.

You also have to consider that VoIP is sensitive to delays and jitters because of the occasional internet hiccups. With QoS prioritization, it will able to minimize its effects.

QoS can maximize the quality of VoIP by controlling bursts of excess bandwidth and traffic. QoS can avoid congestion of bandwidth thus, making quality better when you use VoIP.

The quality of service should be integrated in VoIP, especially for business VoIP to avoid miscommunication or delay in communication. Today, VoIP is still considered to be in its infancy.

So, with all the bugs fixed, you can expect that VoIP will be integrated with QoS.

You have to consider the fact that VoIP is still not really perfect. For this reason, you have to have QoS with your VoIP. This will definitely improve the quality of communication and also decrease the effects of delays and garbled voice signals.

VoIP has so many benefits to offer people. You just have to consider that VoIP is still a relatively new technology. So, you should expect some bugs or some hiccups when making calls.

However, if you want VoIP in your business, you should consider getting QoS to improve the quality of communication.

With QoS, you can certainly make sure that your VoIP will generate higher quality calls. So, if you are frequently experiencing garbled communication when you are using VoIP, you should consider getting QoS.

This particular tool can definitely improve data transmission and reception.

Voip – Here For The Long Haul Or Short Lived Fad?

Is VoIP an emerging industry that’s here to stay or is it likely that it’s just another popular short-lived fad that will soon be erased from our vocabularies?

Evaluating VoIP is important to helping you determine whether this is a career opportunity that you should consider.

When looking at any new technology, it’s important to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages. After all, these are the factors that will determine

whether the new technologies will be short-lived fads that disappear after a brief time on the market or become part of our everyday lives.

VoIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol – is a fairly recent addition to the ever-changing world of communication technology. The VoIP systems have some real advantages, but it’s not yet all positive news when it comes to VoIP.

One of the biggest advantages of VoIP is cost.

This provides users with a cost-effective way of voice communication within a particular network. Here’s why some companies and individuals are moving to VoIP for their basic telephone service.

Because the VoIP uses a system very much like an Internet connection, users can make phone calls to anywhere without incurring long distance charges. Think it’s not possible? Consider your email or chat capabilities.

You can email friends or chat with friends anywhere in the world just like you can email the person in the next office. All you need are the proper connections.

If you have access to the Internet and the email address or information to connect in a chat room, you can send written communication to anyone who also has that same access and information.

You can “meet” with family on the other side of the world in a particular chat room, even adding voice and video if you have a microphone and webcam.

Realizing this, it’s easier to understand that free phone calls using those same principles should be possible. VoIP is the result of putting those ideas into action.

VoIP also allows both data and voice streaming on the same network, another major advantage that is especially important to businesses with intense communication needs.

That doesn’t mean that VoIP is without its downsides. One of the biggest is that using VoIP has traditionally meant that you have to be physically at your computer.

Though there are now some phones that use WiFi connections, there’s still the need to be at particular locations before these communication systems work.

While it’s likely that the technology will continue to emerge and become more convenient, there’s no doubt that many business people count on the ability to stay connected using cell phones and wireless connections, wherever they may be.

Another problem is that streaming doesn’t always occur at a steady rate. There may be problems with slower transfer of data in one direction or the other.

VoIP may also be less cost effective if the user is connected with a traditional phone line, such as DSL. In this case, the user is still going to be paying for basic phone service in addition to the VoIP connection.

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